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Enjoy the autumnal nature of October and head for Pisa

Are you wondering what to do on a bright and frosty day in October? Here’s a tip for you: Why not head to the nature conservation area of Pisa, located only about one hour drive from Kuopio. There are 8,5 km of marked nature trails at Pisa, as well as  stairs and landings to rest on. The cherry on the cake is waiting for those who have the stamina to climb all the way to the top to the observation tower; the view from the top takes your breath away and is well worth the climb.

The nature conservation area of Pisa is known for its lake views and forested hills. You can admire the unobstructed views to all cardinal directions from the observation tower at the top of Pisanmäki. There is also an 8,5 km long nature trail called Pisan kierto at the conservation area. It takes about 3-5 hours to finish the trail. There is some difficult terrain on the way to the top so to make the climb a bit easier, some stairs, landings and railings have been built on the way. Be sure to have enough time to finish the climb as it might take some time.

Pisa is about 62 km from Kuopio so the area is a great destination for a day trip. The hiking trails start from the parking areas of Lastukoski and Salmenpelto. In addition, the Lastukoski village association maintains a shelter, located at the nearby Lastukoski beach that hikers can use freely. The beach is close to the Lastukoski parking area. You can easily combine a refreshing break at the beautiful scenery of Lastukoski with your visit to Pisa.

The Pisa nature conservation area can only be reached by trails: You have to walk 2 km from the Salmenpelto parking area or 3 km from the Lastukoski parking area to get there.

You can get there by car: Pisa is located 62 km from the Kuopio city center. Follow the signs to Pisa along the road number 75 (Siilinjärvi-Nurmes) at the Lastukoski parking area and along the road number 5701 (Lastukoski – Venäänaho).

Did you know that the famous photographer I.K. Inha has captured the scenic views from Pisa as early as in 1883? Or that Pisa is mentioned in the Finnish national epic Kalevala, where the young Joukahainen was bragging to Väinämöinen about his knowledge about the woods that grow on top of Pisa?

At the top of the fell, you can also get to see the over 400 year-old, rock-hewn border markings of the treaty of Teusina. The boundary stone of the treaty of Teusina is located near the Pisa observation tower as well. The representatives of both Sweden and Russia carved their marks on the stone. The Kämmenkivi stone nearby and the “Devils den” (Pirunkellari) at the north end of the nature trail are also worth visiting. Many ancient beliefs and myths are connected with the latter.

The surface area of the Pisa nature conservation area covers 306 ha and is owned by the state. There is also an 1,5 ha nature preserve owned by the Kuopio Nature Conservation Society in the area. The goal is to preserve the nationally valuable scenery and old forests of Pisa.

Studies show that spending time in the woods leads to a better attention span. Our senses will heighten and we’ll become more vigilant, our seeing, hearing and sense of smell will become better. Have a closer look at the trees, their surface and shadows. Pick up leaves and needles from the ground. Smell them and notice various smells. Feel the tree trunks and notice different surfaces with your hands. What can you sense? What are you becoming aware of?  

Map to the area: