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Go for a walk or go biking in the wintry forests!

A great way to enjoy nature and forests even in the winter is to go biking or hiking in the woods. You can bike for example at Puijo, Tahko and Kurkimäki even during the winter months and there are also hiking trails to walk on. In addition, there are often fire pits along the trails so you can enjoy a picnic by the fire. You can find such for example in Puijonnokka and at Kurkimäki

You can enjoy the nature at Tahko by for example snowshoeing or hiking

The old saying goes:”Run for your lives!” Nowadays, based on significant research data, the saying could be brought up to date with: “Walk and bike for your lives and head for the woods!” The health effects of exercise have been known for a long time and the most recent studies also show that forest and nature have a positive effect on one’s health. In addition, studies have shown that even small amounts of exercise offer a great deal of positive health effects for people. It would be great if more and more of our residents would spend time in the forests regularly. 

How about hiking in the trails at Puijo in winter?

During winter, you can enjoy the city’s forests especially by cross-country skiing, as there is a wide network of ski tracks in Kuopio. But not everyone fancies skiing, and more and more people would like to enjoy the forests on foot or by snowshoeing. At Puijo for example, there are lots of trails for hikers even in winter and walking in the nature conservation area is always allowed.

In addition, especially dog owners maintain a wide, unofficial network of winter trails in the city’s forests. Last winter the residents at the eastern part of Jynkänvuori also maintained their own pop up-winter trails for biking and hiking in the forest. The trails were extremely popular among bikers as well as among hikers.

Hiking in the snow, with or without snowshoes, is refreshing

In addition, the number of snowshoers is increasing and they tend to walk their own paths all over the woods. Everyman's right allows you to use any trail you see, except for ski tracks as they are solely for skiing. But keep in mind, that hiking on the winter trails is at your own risk, as the trails are not officially maintained in the winter.

Winter biking at Puijo, Tahko and Kurkimäki

Recently, winter biking in the forests has become more popular and hence increased the demand for winter biking trails. Kuopio’s first winter biking trails are located at Puijo and Kurkimäki. The biking association of Kuopio is in charge of maintaining the trails at Puijo and the village association of Kurkimäki for the trails at Kurkimäki. There is also a winter biking trail at Tahko where a local company also rents out e-fatbikes for biking on the trails.

You can rent out e-fatbikes atTahko even in the winter

Biking in a nature conservation area is only allowed on marked trails and, at the moment, only possible in the nature conservation area in Puijo. If you’re planning to bike in the woods, be sure to check the locations of nature conservation areas on a map so you won’t accidentally end up in an area where you aren’t supposed to. 

To Puijo:
On foot: The ski stadium is located about 2 km from the Kuopio city center. On foot, it will take about 35 to 40 minutes to get there.
By bus: The bus number 5 from the market square takes you to the ski stadium in about 17 minutes.

To Tahko:
By car: There are a few possible routes to Tahko. The easiest is to drive to Siilinjärvi, about 25 km from Kuopio, and then take the road Nilsiäntie. Follow the signs to Tahko, which is about 14 km from Siilinjärvi. 
By bus: The bus number 61 goes to Tahko. See the schedules here. In addition, Matkahuolto buses go to Tahko, see the timetables here. The closest bus station is located in Nilsiä from where there is a daily SkiBus connection to Tahko during the winter season free of charge.

To Kurkimäki:
Buses 74 and 75 leave from the city centre to Kelokylä, Kurkimäki.

Nature is refreshing

Nature is good for you and there are plenty of opportunities to move about in nature, with or without skis, in the winter. But be sure to respect others by sticking to your appointed trails when moving in the nature.

Additional information:
If you’re interested in creating and maintaining a winter walking trail, please contact Mr.  Seppo Jauhiainen, at 040 0577 330, seppo.jauhiainen(at)kuopio.fi.
More information on trails, fire pits and other outdoor services can also be found on the city’s web site.
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