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Vilkku city bikes available on 15.4.2020

The city of Kuopio has decided to make Vilkku city bikes available from 15.4.2020. As spring is already knocking at our doors we are preparing for a new biking season and the first bikes have already been brought to the city bike stations. However, the bikes are available for use from 15.4. onwards. The city also wishes that the city bikes will be useful as public transportation has been reduced.

Vilkku-fillareita yleisurheilukentän lähtöviivoilla
Vilkku city bikes are taking a head start for this season

At the beginning of the season, 150 city bikes will be available for use. From the 1st of May, the number of bikes will be increased gradually up to 250 city bikes. So this summer we will be biking with a larger number of Vilkku city bikes. The increased number of city bikes also makes it possible to add new city bike stations to our selections.  The new stations will be introduced on 1st of May as well. We recommend using gloves while biking and taking care of good hand hygiene.  

In order to make it easier to use the service and to register, we have added new products to the selection such as a per-minute pass. Registering is easy with the per-minute pass and the charge is 3,3 cents per minute. However, you need to have at least one (1) euro on your Vilkku user account in order to collect a bike. Another new product is the 3-months pass (90 days) that costs 40 euros. The pass for the whole cycling season (15.4.-31.10.2020) costs 60 euros.

The latest information on the bikes and city bike stations can be found through the Freebike app and at https://kaupunkipyorat.kuopio.fi/?lang=2.

*Please avoid public places even when biking. Stay indoors as much as possible and keep physical distance to others also when outdoors to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Vilkku-fillari erilaisissa toimissa, kuten laiturilla, rannalla, vapun vietossa ja auringonkukkapellolla
Life of the Vilkku city bike from las years’ biking season