Right-of-occupancy apartments

For right-of-occupancy apartments, tenants pay 10-15% of the value of the apartment at the point of occupancy. On top of this, tenants pay a monthly maintenance charge for the apartment.

Right-of-occupancy is an alternative to owning or renting your apartment. In addition to the approximately 1,000 existing right-of-occupancy apartments, Kuopio is planning to build more in the near future.

This is how you apply for a right-of-occupancy apartment in Kuopio

  1. File a right-of-occupancy application at the Kuopio City Housing Office. You will be allocated a number verifying your registration.
  2. After getting the registration number contact the companies providing right-of-occupancy apartments.
  3. Inform the builders or planners by a specific deadline of your interest in the apartment that is being or will be constructed. Applications are considered on a case by case basis and in the case of more than one application being made for the same apartment, the application with the smallest registration number will be given priority.
  4. The right-of-occupancy payment is 10-15% of the purchase price. Index adjustment will be made to the right-of-occupancy payments that are refunded when the apartment is vacated.
  5. Rights-of-occupancy for already existing apartments are sold without any application period.

Right-of-occupancy apartment conditions


  1.  The applicant must be over the age of 18.
  2. Persons under the age of 55 may not apply for a right-of-occupancy apartment if they have an owner-occupied dwelling in a habitable condition in the same area or enough personal wealth to buy one. If you are an owner-occupier and in debt, you may apply for a right-of-occupancy apartment.
  3. An asset statement is required at the stage when the right-of-occupancy is offered for sale.

Owner-occupied properties

Kuopio has a lot of owner-occuped properties for sale. They can be checked regionally and by house type e.g. on the following Internet sites:


Also, several estate agencies in Kuopio assist with the buying of apartments.