Insect Pests

Small, indoor uninvited guests, i.e. insect pests, are often annoying to humans and sometimes also harmful. Often insect pests can be got rid of independently but sometimes it is necessary to resort to professional help.  In residential housing companies, insect invasions must be reported to the property manager.  Certain insects in houses, however, are completely harmless and just randomly get inside the property. Some insects (such as silverfish and black garden ants) will not cause anything other than an unsightly appearance as long as they are not in large quantities.

Damage and pest control products and equipment are sold for example in hardware and department stores, pharmacies and garden centres. Contact information for companies dealing with pest control can be found in the yellow pages of telephone directories under various business listings, and on the internet with search terms "pest control", "disinfection services" or "disinfectant stores".  Samples of pests found can be taken to Environmental Health Care for identification.



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