The Wellbeing Group

The Kuopio City Wellbeing Group’s goal is to improve the wellbeing of the citizens of Kuopio by developing and evaluating strategies and activities relating to wellbeing. Provision and communication of information about the possibilities, means and working methods for the promotion of wellbeing and health in Kuopio and publishing of an electronic wellbeing report once a year as well as once during the City Council’s term of office are the main duties of the Wellbeing Group of Kuopio. The Group acts as a steering group overseeing the Program for the Change of Services for Children and Families in collaboration with other actors. Furthermore, the group acts as a local steering group in various networks/working teams/projects such as:

  • The WHO European Healthy Cities Network
  • National Healthy Cities network
  • Self-Care and Digital Value Services (ODA)
  • Kuopio Safety Planning
  • Kuopio’s Mental Health and Substance Abuse Prevention Plan
  • Kuopio Child and Family Services Change (LAPE)



Secretary of the Wellbeing Group
Säde Rytkönen
Coordinator of Wellbeing Promotion
City of Kuopio
Wellbeing Promotion Services
tel. 044 7182 462

Wellbeing report Wellbeing report

An annual electronic wellbeing report on the citizens’ wellbeing in Kuopio is prepared and published by the Kuopio Wellbeing Group in cooperation with experts from other municipal sectors and from the federation of municipalities.

Kuopiolaisten hyvinvointi vuonna 2016  Wellbeing report of the citizens of Kuopio in 2016 based on indicator data (14.8.2016)

Hyvinvointikertomus 2013-2016 osa1:, kuopiolaisten hyvinvoinnin kehitys 2013-2016 (kh. 3.4.2017) Wellbeing report 2013-2016 part 1: Development of
wellbeing of the citizens of Kuopio in 2013-2016 (cg. 3.4.2017) Kuopio’s wellbeing report based on indicator data provided by the Wellbeing Group

Kuopiolaisten hyvinvointi - hyvinvointikertomuksen 2013 ja 2014 pohjalta (julkaisupvm. 04/2015) Wellbeing of Kuopio citizens based on the wellbeing reports of 2013 and 2014 (publishing date 04/2015)