Services for the elderly

The need for home care, support services, housing services and informal care support is initially assessed by telephone. If necessary, the client will be visited at home, or if the client is in hospital, a medical consultation will be arranged. Service counsellors also make decisions for the client based on service and care plans, which are drawn up with the client.

Home-delivered meals may be provided to clients with impaired nutritional status, those who find it difficult to prepare meals for themselves or those who cannot arrange their meals in any other way, such as eating at service centres or restaurants. Home-delivered meals may be provided temporarily when a client returns from hospital, for a period of at least two weeks.

The provision of safety services is based on a comprehensive assessment of the client's service needs and functional capacity. A safety service may also be provided to individuals who are not regular home care clients. For new clients, service needs assessments and orders are made by the service counsellors for elderly people. For existing clients, assessments and orders are made by the staff of Home Care Services or the Housing Services Unit.

Housing for the elderly and special groups

If living at home is not possible, other housing options are explored. Housing services are provided for people who, for special reasons, need help or support with regard to housing. Temporary housing is provided for people who need urgent, short-term help. Residents pay rent for their accommodation and there are client charges for the services. Before clients move to more supported housing, other ways of helping them in their current housing should be explored and assessed.

ARA rentals

The City of Kuopio provides housing services for its residents by offering state-subsidized ARAVA and ARA dwellings for the elderly and for individuals who are participating in a rehabilitation programme for mental health problems or substance abuse. The applicant's need for service and their financial circumstances will be evaluated when granting housing services for individuals with special needs. Housing services include assisted living, service housing and enhanced service housing.

Supported housing

Supported housing is provided for people who need support in living independently or in the transition to living independently. Support is provided through counselling and other social services.

Family care

Family care is round-the-clock care in a private home where the resident can have family-like care and close human contact.

Service housing and enhanged service housing

Service housing is provided for people requiring appropriate accommodation with nursing and care needs.

Services include the necessary nursing and care, activities promoting and maintaining functional capacity, meal, laundry, personal hygiene and cleaning services, and services promoting social inclusion and interaction. In extra care housing, services are provided round the clock, according to need.

Inpatient services

Inpatient care means continuous nursing care and rehabilitation in the social welfare unit.

Inpatient services can be provided on a short-term or permanent basis, during the day, night or round the clock.

Long-term inpatient nursing care can only be provided if justified by the health or safety of the person or if there are other legal grounds.

Services for the elderly
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Housing services for special groups
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