Community and Activity Centres              

The aim of the services provided by Activity Centres is to support and promote the functional capacity of elderly people living at home. Activity Centres are meeting places for older people. There they can have meals, buy food to take home or have a cup of coffee on weekdays.
Various sports, exercise and meeting facilities can be booked at Activity Centres for use by the elderly. There are also public sauna times for the elderly.

Events open to everyone

There are events open to everyone at Activity Centres. You can do a variety of handicrafts, such as weaving, lace making, pottery, porcelain painting and woodwork. As a rule, group activities are open, peer-led and free of charge. All materials are purchased and paid for by the participants themselves.

For more information on events, please see the Activity Centre bulletin board or ask the activity instructors.

Day groups supporting rehabilitation

Day group activities are intended for elderly people who live alone or with caregivers and who are unable to participate in other open activities due to their health or condition. Clients' functional independence is supported through rehabilitation and guidance. You apply for a day group by filling in an application form.


Further information

Service Supervisor +358 44 718 3535

Activity instructors:

Activity Centres of Levänen and Pyörö
+358 44 718 3633

Activity Centres of Melankatu and Mäntylä
+358 44 718 3707

Activity Centre of Puijonlaakso
+358 44 718 3645

Activity Centre of Suokatu
+358 44 718 3611