Climate change and its effects

The climate is changing

The most notable effects caused by climate change in the Kuopio region are a lengthened growing season and changes in the abundance of fauna and flora. Eutrophication of lakes is expected to increase because of the increase in nutrient content.
In addition, the growth of humidity is expected to increase mould problems in buildings and decrease the real estate life cycle. The need for heating and heating costs may decrease, but, in turn, cooling costs will increase. Extreme weather events, such as heavy rains and wind speed changes, are expected to occur more frequently.

Preventing climate change in Kuopio

Kuopio is one of the leading cities in Finland in preventing climate change and improving energy efficiency. The city has entered into an Energy efficiency agreement for the years 2017 - 2025, with the precondition of 7,5 percent energy savings by the end of 2025. The agreement covers the city administration and most of the city-owned companies.

Measures to improve energy efficiency have been compiled into a programme, which will be monitored annually. These include such things as procurement, planning, traffic and construction. In addition, education and communication are important in increasing energy efficiency.

Kuopio has taken active steps in preventing climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The first Climate Strategy was compiled in 2003. The main target of the Climate Policy Programme 2009-2020 was to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at least 40 % of the level in 1990 by 2020. Kuopio achieved the emission reduction 40 % already in 2018.  

Kuopio's Climate Policy Programme 2020-2030

Kuopio’s target is to be carbon neutral by 2030. Programme includes updated targets and actions leading to becoming carbon neutral. In addition programme includes an action plan for climate change mitigation and adaptation.  

Steps for becoming carbon neutral:  

  1. Emission reductions
  2. Increasing carbon sinks
  3. Emission compensation (only if needed)