Fur Hat season (Karvalakkikausi)

"In the chest of my wearers beats a heart full of warmth towards the environment and other people. This is reflected in the rhythm of life and in human interactions, in a shared understanding of the meaning of good living and equality.

My wearers understand what makes a good winter. They are greatly saddened by climate change, which threatens to take their beloved winters with it.

I have taken care of children and the elderly, of local Kuopio people and those who have come here from abroad. Under my protection, everyone can build a better future. With me, everyone is equal – all of us are children of the snow and frost.

I am like Kuopio, where warm-heartedness is a force of nature."

For good living and climate solutions

A fur hat (karvalakki in Finnish) is a symbol of good living. It is worn by a great many people in Kuopio.

Suitable for every head, a fur hat is a warm and wise person's headdress, which keeps the head protected and the mind alert.

Fur hat wearers care about their fellow humans and are good listeners. They understand the present and are diplomatic. Here in Savo, a fur hat wearer may have a characteristic Savonian approach to life, or then maybe not. With regard to the environment, they make wise choices in their everyday lives and want to help protect our winters for future generations.

Starting off from Kuopio, the Fur Hat season calls on everyone to defend good living, happiness and equality as well as fight against the challenges of climate change.

One hat brings together good living, equality and climate solutions. One hat fits all.

Join the Fur Hat tribe!

Would you like to join us and become part of our warm-hearted and capable Fur Hat tribe? Whether you are alone or with a friend, your family or co-workers, show that you belong to the Fur Hat tribe and join in our hearty call, so other people can find us and get involved.

Take a photo or video of yourself, or with others, wearing a fur hat and post it on social media sites:


Get moving in the winter

When the snow comes, Kuopio becomes a large winter recreation area. There are lots of winter events in the city. Winter events and sports have long been an important part of the local identity.

In Kuopio, we want to protect our winters so that these great events can be enjoyed in the future, too. That's why we want to make the Fur Hat season part of the Kuopio winter sports superweek from 18–24 February 2019 – to promote discussion on climate change and challenge people to think about how to tackle it.