Holiday care for pupils with special needs or disabilities

The City of Kuopio organises holiday care activities for disabled pupils in basic education during school holidays from Monday to Friday, 7.30am–4.30pm. These holidays are in October (week 42), March (week 10) and June, July and early August. The holiday care activities are meant for pupils who need special care and support when their parents are working or studying. The service is not provided during the Christmas holidays.

School holidays in 2021:

  • Winter holiday: 8–9 Mar 2021
  • Summer holiday: 7 Jun–9 Jul 2021 and 2– 9 Aug 2021
  • Autumn holiday: 18 -22 Oct 2021

If the need for holiday care activities is due to a disability in accordance with the Disability Services Act, the service is free of charge. If the pupil has not been granted disabled status but needs special care during the school holidays, the price of the service is 10€ / day or 200€ / month.

Application form

For more information: Mirja Räsänen, Secretary For Afternoon Care Activities, +358 44 718 1388

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