Vaccination Group 



Social and health care professionals taking care of corona patients 



Employees and customers of city nursing homes 



Home care clients 



  100+ years of age Completed  Completed

90-99 years of age

 In progress 

91% completed

80-89-years of age

 In progress 

95% completed

70-79-years of age

 In progress 

92% completed

  60-69-years of age  In progress   79,4% completed
  50-59-years of age  In progress   53,7% completed


In progress. 16-69 years of age



*and caregivers and the elderly living in the same household

Vaccination sites

Main health station Savotalo, Tulliportinkatu 17 E

Kuopio Hall.

The situation in the southern part of the city is being mapped.  

Secondary health centers. The most influential thing in the design of these vaccination sites is how much vaccine will be available. (Nilsiä, Maaninka, Tuusniemi, Juankoski, Karttula, Riistavesi, Vehmersalmi)


Appointment for vaccination

Phone appointment:

  • Kuopio main health station: 044 718 6990
  • Vehmersalmi health station: 044 718 6903
  • Riistavesi health station: 044 718 6904
  • Nilsiä health station: 044 718 6905
  • Maaninka health station: 044 718 6906
  • Juankoski health station: 044 718 6907
  • Karttula health station: 044 718 6920
  • Tuusniemi health station: 044 718 3021

Open on weekdays between 10.00-15.00. The telephone service will notify you if times have elapsed.

Electronic appointment service: By electronic appointment, times can be booked around the clock, as long as there are times available.

Timetable and progress

The exact schedule for vaccinations cannot yet be verified. This depends on when, which and how much vaccine is available for Finland and for Kuopio. As everywhere else, Kuopio's vaccination schedules are affected by the general world situation regarding the availability of vaccines.

As a whole, in addition to THL's policies, vaccination in Kuopio takes into account practicality and efficiency. The aim is to avoid vaccine losses, which may mean that a younger home care client, for example, can also receive the vaccine if he or she lives next door to an older patient.

In addition, research data on the efficacy of vaccines from different vaccine manufacturers in different age groups are monitored. It is also important that people who have already received one vaccine receive their second dose.

The purpose of continuous review and expert work is to ensure the most comprehensive vaccination protection possible for the residents of Kuopio.

We will announce vaccination schedules in the newspapers, on the city’s website and in some channels when the schedules are confirmed.

Let's take care together that in Kuopio, vaccinations go well and that both vaccinees and healthcare professionals maintain the peace of vaccination! Thank you!

More information on THL's website.

Vaccination appointment groups


Status of appointments















E-appointment  is open 24/7.

Phone appointments monday-friday 8.00-15.00: 

044 718 6921






  • Over 30 years of age



E-appointment  is open 24/7.

Phone appointments monday-friday 8.00-15.00: 

044 718 6921