School Health Care

Kuopio organizes an annual health check for pupils in every grade. Pupils undergo altogether nine health checks during basic education. Extensive pupil health checks must be organized on the 1st grade of the comprehensive school, on the 5th grade in the beginning of puberty and on the 8th grade when basic education is about to end and the pupils prepare for transition to higher education institutions (Government Decree 338/2011.).

Every school has a school nurse. One public health nurse may also provide health care for several schools. Whether the nurse is present on every school day or not depends on the size of the school.

The school nurse may book an appointment for the school doctor or, where necessary, refer the pupil to special health care, such as an ophthalmologist, school psychologist or school social worker. The school health care cooperates with all actors involved in the pupil’s life. Special attention is paid to fostering the collaborative family-school relationship.

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Management of Health Care Unit of the City of Kuopio

Sanna Niinimäki
Service Supervisor
044 718 5940

Hanna-Mari Tanninen
Service Manager
044 718 6513