Goal-oriented care

It is the goal of Kuopio’s early childhood education and care to provide the child a safe environment to grow, learn and play, in cooperation with the family and other actors. The early childhood education and care services are up to date and support sustainable development.

The values of the early childhood education and care are service-mindedness, confidentiality and participation of children and families.

Municipal daycare

Daycare is early childhood education and care provided in groups. The age of the children determines the size of each group.
Round-the-clock care is arranged for the children of families with both parents working in shifts or studying.
Temporary care is chargeable and it is intended for children under the school age, who are in home care. Temporary care does not affect the payment of home care allowance. Temporary care is arranged, if possible, in all daycare centres or family daycare places. Further information on temporary care is available from the daycare managers.
The fee for temporary full-time daycare is 18 € and part-time daycare 11 €.

Family daycare

Family daycare offers early childhood education and care in a small group with emphasis on unhurried atmosphere, home environment and play.