Medication and prescriptions

When a prescription medicine is about to finish or a prescription about to expire, you may request renewal of an electronic prescription either from a health care unit (e.g. health care centre) or from a pharmacy.

Requests for renewal of prescription are passed on by pharmacies to health care units, where the requests are handled within eight days. Therefore it is advisable to have your prescriptions renewed well before the medicines finish. Request for renewal of prescriptions can be made to the team nurses. Contact information from Appointment Search.

When an electronic prescription has been renewed, a text message is sent to your mobile phone provided that you have given your mobile phone number in order to be notified of the renewal of your prescription.

Information on the renewed prescription is also available on pages at Omakanta.

Requests for the renewal of prescription can also be made through omakanta. You will be notified if your request is denied.

Someone else can also collect the electronically prescribed medicine from the pharmacy on behalf of the client using the client’s Kela card and patient instructions.

Acting on Behalf of Someone Else

Other requests relating to electronic prescriptions on behalf of the client require a written consent signed by the client.

With a written consent you may request on behalf of someone else

  • renewal of an electronic prescription
  • summary of electronic prescriptions
  • information about the client’s overall medication
  • cancel an electronic prescription when the medication is no longer needed

Consent forms are available at pharmacies, health care services and Kela offices. The validity of a consent for pharmacy may extend from one time to three years. A consent given for the health care service is valid for three years.

The custodian of a minor does not need a consent to collect his/her children’s medicines, renew prescriptions or request a summary.

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