Laboratory and x-ray

Laboratory Services

Kuopio municipal laboratory services are provided by The Eastern Finland Laboratory Centre, Joint Authority Enterprise (ISLAB ).

Laboratory sampling always requires a referral. You can either take a queue number and wait or make an appointment for sampling using the internet, or by phone.  Detailed information about the laboratories and booking of appointments is available on the ISLAB internet pages at

Medical Imaging Services (x-ray)

Imaging of the skeletal system and lungs, mammograms and ultrasound examinations and measures related to them are performed by the medical imaging service. Dental imaging is also performed to meet the needs of the oral health care services. All examinations require a referral from a health care centre physician or dentist.

An appointment is needed for all our units. Both examination time and place are booked at the same time. Appointments are booked in the radiology clinic office. Juankoski Health Care Centre imaging is administratively under of KUH.

Appointments for dental imaging are made at the customer service of the dental clinic. Dental examination images can also be ordered from the client service. Other images can be ordered from office of the imaging department. The images are subject to a separate fee.



Contact Information Contact Information

Appointments in Kuopio area Mon-Fri at 12 noon-2 pm
044 717 8888

Savotalo, Main Health Care Centre kartta (map)
Tulliportinkatu 17 G, 70100 Kuopio, 1st floor
017 186 369
Open Mon-Thu at 8 am–3:30 pm
Fri at 8 am–3 pm
Appointments Mon-Fri at 8–10 am and 12 noon-14 pm
017 186 369

Harjula Hospital, kartta (map)
Niuvantie 4, 70210 Kuopio
017 186 783
Open Mon-Wed at 8 am–3:30 pm
Thu-Fri at 8 am–2 pm
Appointments Mon-Fri at 8–10 am and 12 noon-2 pm
017 186 783

Nilsiä Health Care Centre
(Ultrasound Examinations and Dental Imaging)
Pisantie 10, 73300 Nilsiä
044 748 2735
Wed–Thu at 9 am–2 pm

Juankoski Health Care Centre Imaging
Terveystie 9, 73500 Juankoski
044 717 1507
Mon–Thu at 8 am–4 pm
Fri 8 am–2 pm