Informal care support

Informal care means care and attendance provided by family members or other individuals close to an elderly, disabled or ill person who lives at home and whose ability to function is impaired. The City of Kuopio provides support for informal care through an allowance paid to caregivers. Support cannot be granted to private service providers.

The informal care allowance is comprehensive support comprising:
the necessary services for the care recipient, and the following benefits for the caregiver:

  • care compensation
  • free time
  • services supporting informal care, such as day centre activities, interval care or
  • home-based services

Compensation is divided into two payment categories, the amounts and entitlement criteria being decided on a year-by-year basis according to the available budget. The Social and Health Committee decides on the entitlement criteria annually.

Free time arrangements for caregivers

A caregiver is entitled to three days' leave per month.
Free time arrangements cover the following options:

  •       day group activities: Community and Activity Centres
  •       substitution of the informal caregiver by an assignment contract
  •       informal care support service voucher
  •       interval care arranged by the City

Other services for informal care support clients

Temporary care service for elderly care recipients.
For temporary caregiver absences (1–3 hours) on weekdays 8am–3pm in activity centres: Temporary care service

Contacts Contacts

New applicants
Enquiries: +358 17 183 245
Mon–Fri 8-11am and 12.30-13.30pm

Current clients
Enquiries and appointments: +358 17 183 441
Mon–Fri 8am–11am

If you would like to go to the Informal Care Support Office, please make an appointment: Tulliportinkatu 17 G, ground floor.

People under 65 years of age and those with a developmental disability
+358 44 718 3224
Tulliportinkatu 15 H, 2nd floor

Low threshold reception Low threshold reception