The Suovu-Palonen area in the western part of Kuopio is a popular recreation and hiking destination.

The river Palosenjoki running from Lake Pieni-Palonen into Lake Kallavesi is a near-natural waterway with seven rapids and an elevation difference of about 40 metres. The shoreline forests of the river Palosenjoki and the Vanhansahansaari Island located in the middle of the river are nature conservation areas.

Remnants of the 18th and 19th century timber industry are still visible in the Suovu area.

In the Palosenjoki area, rapids restoration work has been performed e.g. in the Myllykoski rapids by renovating the old log chute and the Vanhansahansaari channel. The aim has been to enable the river’s natural trout population to run to the headwaters of the river and secure its growth.

The Suovu-Palonen area is mainly owned by private individuals, and the construction of the hiking trail has been agreed upon between the City and the landowners. The trail is about 16 kilometres long, with several lean-to shelters and campfire sites along the path. Parts of the trail follow the Palosenjoki river in magnificent sceneries, and the Ryönänkoski lean-to shelter is particularly suitable for a picnic by the running water. Accessibility has been taken into account in the construction of the Suovu hut located on the shore of Suovunlahti along the Länsirannantie road. There are two other lean-to shelters on the Lammasjärvi shore and in Nihtilahti.

Hikers can fish on the northern shore of the Käänniänlahti bay in the west part of Lake Naarajärvi even without permission by the owner of the water area. All fishing is prohibited in the currents and rapids between lakes Pieni-Palonen and Kallavesi.