Liikkis -wellness bracelet

Liikkis-bracelet is designed for children and young people in Kuopio. Well-being services provided by the city have been combined into one affordable entity in the bracelet.

All Kuopio residents under the age of 20 are entitled to the Liikkis-bracelet. The bracelet can be purchased from the customer service points of Kuopio Hall and Kuntolaakso Swimming Hall for 6 or 12 months at a time. The price of the bracelet is

  • 40 € / 6 months
  • 70 € / 12 months
  • in addition, the bracelet, costing 7.90 €, must be purchased on the first time.

The bracelet can be used for the Kuntolaakso and Lippumäki swimming pools as well as their gyms and the Kuopio Hall gym and running track area. The bracelet also includes movie theatre Kino Kuvakukko's movies according to the age limits of the theatre. In addition, you will receive a 10 € discount on course fees for children’s courses at Kuopio Community College. In the future, there will be even more offering in the bracelet.

Please see a video about the Liikkis bracelet in English! 

Alongside the children's and young people's bracelet, the Kuopio City Orchestra and City Theatre offer all under the age of 20 and students tickets redeemed on the day of the performance for 4 €, if there are still tickets left at that time. The benefit applies to the orchestra's seasonal concerts and can be redeemed from the Kuopio Music Center. Tickets for city theatre performances can be redeemed at the city theatre outlets on the day of the performance. The advantage applies to Kuopio City Theatre's own performances.

In addition to the services of the Liikkis-bracelet, the city still provides library services and the services of the city's museums to those under the age of 18 free of charge.

Contact information Contact information

Sports instructor Laura Korhonen, 044 718 1303

Cultural planner Nina Venäläinen, 044 718 5142