Injured and dead animals found

Efforts must be made to help a wild animal that is sick, wounded or otherwise helpless.  In general the responsibility for a person to assist injured animals is laid down in the Animal Protection Act. Protected species are protected by Nature Conservation Act and game animals by the Finnish Hunting Law.  

The suffering of an injured animal must not be prolonged. If the animal is in a condition that keeping it alive would obviously be cruel, the finder must put the animal down in accordance with the Animal Protection Act or steps must be taken to ensure that it is put down.

More information on the general Environmental Management web service:

● - sairaat ja loukkaantuneet eläimet (Sick and injured animals)

If a dead game animal is found and presents a problem, it can be buried or disposed of by the finder at their own expense.

● - ohje kuolleena löydetyn riistaeläimen käsittelyyn (Guidance for the handling of game animals found dead)