Information about nature from nature trails

Using nature trails is one way of exercising in nature. In addition to exercise and recreation, nature trails provide information on a wide range of nature and environmental issues.

There are several nature trails in Kuopio with guide signage. In Katiskaniemi, Halmejoki, Puijo and the Kolmisoppi-Neulamäki area are traditional nature trails. On Karhonsaari various trees and shrubs are presented in an arboretum, while the Haminalahti Cultural Trail gives visitors the chance to familiarise themselves with the subject landscape of the von Wright brothers’ paintings.

All trails have waymarks painted on the ground as well as guide signage. There are information boards along the trails depicting the nature features of each area. With the exception of  the Vehmersalmi nature trail, printed brochures are also available about other trails. The nature trails of Puijo and Kolmisoppi-Neulamäki complement the diverse outdoor activities of the areas.