Environmental permits and notifications

According to the Environmental Protection Act, an environmental permit is required for activities involving the risk of environmental pollution.  Operation must be authorised if it can be caused, for example, by contamination of land, ditch, spring, stream or other water.

Environmental permits also include water pollution projects that cause environmental pollution, which do not require water licensing.  In addition to a license for new activity, the environmental permit must cover emissions from the operation, or a substantial change in their effects or other activities.

Environmental permits include forest, metal and chemical industries, energy production, animal protection, professional or plant waste treatment, mining, fur farming, fish farming, and port and airport activities.  An environmental permit is also required if the operation could cause an unreasonable strain on nearby residents

Licensed activities include forestry, metal and chemical industries, energy production, animal husbandry and fish farming.  Emissions from, or the modification of, other essential functions of an authorised activity must be authorised.

Authorization is subject to the Environmental Protection Act and Decree. The environmental permit is granted solved either by the Regional Administrative Office of Eastern Finland or by the City of Kuopio's Environment and Development Board, depending on the extent of the activity.

An application for an environmental permit should be submitted to the issuing authority. On the website of the Environmental Administration you can find more information and an application form: