Child Health and Maternity Clinics

Maternity services in Kuopio are provided locally in 12 maternity clinics and child health services in 16 child health clinics.
Open on-call child health and maternity clinic services are low threshold municipal services intended for families living in Kuopio.
Sexual health clinic helps and gives advice on matters relating to sexual health and provides support and guidance after termination of pregnancy.

Maternity Clinics

The aim of the maternity clinic is to secure the health and wellbeing of the pregnant mother and the fetus. Another aim is to support the future parents and to promote the health and wellbeing of the complete family.

Child Health Clinics

The aim of the child health clinic is to promote health and wellbeing of children under school age and their families. The child health clinics monitor and promote the physical, mental and social growth and development of children. Parents are supported in good and safe child-oriented upbringing and in nurturing their relationship as a couple.



Contact information Contact information

Administration of Kuopio Municipal Health Care Unit
Maternity and Child Health Clinic
Temporary Service Supervisor
Niina Happonen
044 718 6582

Health Care
Service Manager
Hanna-Mari Tanninen
044 718 6513

The treatment of a sudden ill child is part of a team doctor.