Nilsiä Music and Dance Camp

The 59th national Nilsiä Music and Dance Camp will be held in Nilsiä from 24 to 30 June, 2019. Last year's camp was attended by more than 130 students, who received lessons in 30 different subjects. The camp concerts drew hundreds of listeners during the week.

The camp provides high-quality music and dance lessons in beautiful Nilsiä. Beginners and more advanced musicians and dancers are all welcome to the music camp. A range of courses is available for the whole family, from toddler to grandpa.

Nilsiä is located in the heart of Savo, approximately 55 km northeast of Kuopio, and has good transport connections. There is accommodation for camp participants in the immediate vicinity of the camp, which has 24-hour supervision. Accommodation is also available in nearby Tahko, and one of the courses will be held at Tahko Spa.

The camp provides participants with an opportunity to make progress in their music hobby in the summer, too, and even try a new instrument. Professional teachers will guide the students, taking their starting level into account. During the week, several concerts will be held at different locations in Nilsiä. The camp also offers a high-quality concert program and the joy of music for participants, regular and summer residents and visiting tourists.