Guided exercise

The City of Kuopio's sports instructors provide exercise and sports services for the elderly, chronically ill, special groups and physically inactive people. For children and young people, there are various exercise and sports activities.

Contact information for sports instructors:

Children and young people:
+358 44 717 1303

Young adults:
+358 44 718 2300

Working-age people/advice:
+358 44 748 2363 and +358 44 718 2510

Special groups:
+358 44 718 2501

Elderly people:
+358 44 718 2509

Rural districts/Southern Kuopio:
+358 44 718 4932

Rural districts/Northern Kuopio:
+358 44 748 8228

A day time subscription and a monthly subscription for the sport halls  

The season tickets for sport halls entitle to the use of the Niirala and Lippumäki Swimming Pools and their gyms, as well as the Kuopio Hall’s gym and running track.

With a day time subscription you can use the Kuopio sport halls every day between 10 am and 3 pm.  The price of a day time subscription is 20 euros per month.

With a monthly subscription you get unlimited use of the services of the Kuopio sport halls for just 36 euros per month.

Both subscriptions are available from the Niirala and Lippumäki Swimming Pools and the Kuopio Hall. The subscriptions are personal.

In addition, Healthy Kuopio -card is needed for downloading the service. The Healthy Kuopio -card costs 7,90 euros.

The card is intended for citizens over 18 years.

Exercise cards for persons with disability or chronic illness

Citizens, who are entitled to Kela’s care allowance for pensioners or disability allowance, can buy an exercise card for persons with disability or chronic illness.
The price of the card is 65,70 euros, and it is valid for one year from the date of its purchase.

The cards can be obtained from the sport halls’ counters.

The card entitles the holder to the use of the Kuopio (Niirala) Swimming Pool, the Kuopio Hall and the Lippumäki Swimming Pool and Ice Arena.

For more information about the card, please ask from the sport halls’ counters:

Niirala Swimming Pool, tel. +358 17 182 522, email: uimahalli[at]
Lippumäki Swimming Pool and Ice Arena, tel. +358 17 182 591, email: lippumaki[at]
Kuopio Hall, tel. +358 17 182 554, email: kuopiohalli[at]

The card can be encashed with the Kela decision from the Customer Service at the Council Office Building (Street address: Suokatu 42, 70110 Kuopio).

It is also possible to send the Kela decision by post to the Customer Service at the Council Office Building, postal address: PO Box 1097, 70111 Kuopio. After that, the card will be delivered to the address notified by the customer.