The beginning of a new season in early childhood education in Kuopio

Updated 8/26/2020

Summer holidays are over for most of us, and we welcome children and guardians to start a new season of early childhood education with us again!

As the corona situation continues, the City of Kuopio will comply with the Updated recommendations for early childhood education and care, schools, educational institutions and higher education institutions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus . The National Board of Education has supplemented its own guidelines on August 10, 2020: (in Finnish). THL issued renewed guidelines for early childhood educationon 25.8.:

In early childhood education we continue to avoid unnecessary close contact and implement good hygiene. Despite the limitations, it is important to ensure that the child receives quality care and the proximity, safety and interaction of the adult they need, in the same way as before.

Whenever possible, children work only in their own groups, on their own premises and with their own adults. The safety of children and workers is also ensured by improving the cleaning of the premises, emphasizing the importance of hand hygiene and working in small groups within the children's own group.

Getting acquainted at the beginning of the new season

First-timers in day care can come and learn about early childhood education preferably outdoors. For example, children can play in the yard of the kindergarten at the end of the day together with their parents. Parents and children can visit inside the kindergarten premises, when considering the safe distance and hygiene factors. Parents are not given a tour in the premises except in the rooms where they bring or pick up their children. Visits are made in turns, so that the number of visitors at the same time remains small. If necessary, the child will be provided with meals during the visiting days, the parents will take care of their own meals.

It is important that you can move around the premises loosely and that there is no congestion. Kindergarten or family day care can only be visited when healthy.

Alternative ways of organizing parent nights in the units are being considered. Large joint events will not be held if the necessary safe distances and hygiene factors cannot be implemented.

As a reminder to parents:

• Even slightly ill children must not be brought in for day care!

• Let’s all continue to avoid unnecessary physical contact.

o The presence of outsiders in the kindergarten premises is avoided.

o Outdoor activities and dining are done in turns when possible.

• Children wash their hands when entering the kindergarten and family day care, when eating and when leaving for home. Hands are also often washed during the day. Children are also instructed to cough and sneeze into a sleeve or disposable handkerchief.

• Bringing your own toys to kindergarten and family day care is not recommended.

Symptoms of coronavirus

The coronavirus causes a respiratory infection, the symptoms may include cough, sore throat, fever, shortness of breath, muscle aches, abdominal symptoms and headache. Children should not come to Early childhood education if there are symptoms suggestive of the disease.

If you or your child have such symptoms, you should get tested for coronavirus. In Kuopio, it is currently enough that one family member has been tested. If the test result is negative, you can return to early childhood education, even if the symptoms have not completely subsided. However, contact with others should be avoided before the test result is completed. If symptoms later recur or increase, a new test should be applied.

If the symptoms are due to an allergy and are clearly relieved after starting allergy medication, you can return to early childhood education, even if the symptoms have not completely subsided. If symptoms do not improve despite medication, a coronatest should be applied. If the test result is negative, you can return to early childhood education.

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