Recipes for Well-being

Loneliness depresses

Feeling of loneliness may come because of the absence of any social connections, but you may feel it also inside the crowd of people. Loneliness is different than being alone. 

Loneliness can affect anyone. Loneliness has increased in Kuopio during last years almost in all age groups. People feel lonely in different life situations or as the result of some big changes, such as moving to another locality, divorce or retirement. 

Loneliness has harmful effects to well-being, health and quality of life. It may expose to other mental health problems. Feeling of loneliness is an individual experience. Some people don`t miss anyone when they are alone, for others social connections are more important.

Ask how are you, listen, be present

Lonely person may experience a strong and long-termed feeling of externality, because of that meeting the another person may feel challenging. Lacking of loneliness is everyone`s mission.

We meet other people all the time. How do we treat other people in our everyday life? Do we ever think, how can we take other people into account?

Even a small deed may be meaningful for another person. Each of us wants to be seen and listened, as well as to feel belonging to a team. We would like to challenge each resident of Kuopio to smile, look into the eyes or say something nice to another person.

Well-being of mind

By the World Health Organization WHO, mental health means a condition of well-being, when a person is able to see own abilities and manage the challenges in life, as well as to work and take part in the society activities. Well-being of mind is not always the same and constant. It is normal, that human`s state of mind varies and not all the moments are happy, energetic or efficient. Grief, disappointment, frustration and melancholy are also parts of life. Melancholy is one of the normal feelings of a healthy person. 

Sometimes a long-termed melancholy may change to the depression. A long-term melancholy, free from the external circumstances, is a central symptom of depression. Depression is a common mind`s disorder, as about 20% of people get depression in some period of their life. Depression can break out in any age or any period of life. It is important to actualize it at the beginning and start a treatment soon, in order to prolong the depression. 

Well-being of mind can be confirmed!

It is possible to strength yourself and your mental health by practising. Choices in everyday life have a big effect to our mental health. Life style has a meaning to our physical and mental well-being. Well-being, coming with the healthy way of life, support a stress control in difficult times. 

Even if you don`t get any mental health disorders, regular meals, exercise and smokelessness help you against tiredness and melancholy, which many of us suffer time to time.

Anyway, life is not just a life style watching. We can get joy and pleasure from the social life, exercising and culture. Reasonableness is relevant in eating delicacies and drinking alcohol. 

Factors for protecting mental health:
  • Choices in everyday life, such as regular and diverse meals, exercising and sufficient rest
  • Social life and working relationships
  • Pleasant experiences (such as cultural and sport hobbies and volunteering)
  • Good enough self-belief
  • Feeling of being accepted
  • Ability to solve problems and interact
  • Education possibilities
  • Work or other livelihood 
  • Feeling of being listened
  • Influence possibilities
  • Feeling safe
  • Helping systems in the society

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