Vaccination service

Vaccination service provides vaccinations and vaccination guidance to people travelling abroad. Vaccination service can also prescribe medication, for example, against malaria. Visits by appointment only.

Children in Finland are vaccinated in accordance with the national vaccination programme in children’s health clinics and school health care. Students are vaccinated in the student health care. Vaccinations included in the national vaccination programme (tetanus and diphtheria boosters and MPR and polio, where necessary) are free of charge. Other vaccines must be bought privately from a pharmacy with a prescription. Prescriptions can be obtained, among others, from the vaccination service, health care team doctor or private medical clinics.

Seasonal influenza vaccination

In general, the seasonal influenza vaccination is during autumn. The vaccination date is stablish by the National Institute for Health and Welfare - Regional division of vaccines. The 2021 seasonal influenza vaccination starts in Kuopio on November 1st 2021. Along with it, a vaccination against pneumococcus will be given, at own expense.   

The vaccination for seasonal influenza will start on 2021, week 44. 

The influenza vaccination will be free of charge for:

  • People who are 65 years old
  • Kids from 6 months to 6 years old
  • Pregnant women
  • Relatives of pregnant women
  • Relatives of babies under 6 months old
  • Members of the medical risk group
  • Conscripts
  • Close relatives susceptible to influenza
  • Social and healthcare personnel
  • Customer service personnel in Pharmacies

Other people who wish get vaccinated, can buy it from a pharmacy (holding a prescription from a doctor or vaccination clinic)

Contact Information Contact Information

Tulliportinkatu 15 J, 4th floor
(entrance from Maaherrankatu)

Appointments and guidance
017 186 547
weekdays at 9-11 am

Public Health Nurse
telephone service
017 186 560
weekdays at 10-11 am

Administration of Kuopio Municipal Health Care Unit

Sanna Niinimäki
Service Supervisor
044 718 5940

Hanna-Mari Tanninen
Service Manager
044 718 6513