Suspected Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is the infection or poisoning caused by the ingestion of food or drinking water. Food poisoning usually goes away quite quickly but may sometimes cause serious and long-lasting illnesses or consequences, especially for people at risk.

The tasks of food control include the investigation of food poisoning. If a company is notified of food poisoning by a client, the company is legally required to immediately notify food control. If you suspect food poisoning as a customer, report it to food control as soon as possible. The sooner you report a case of food poisoning, the better the chances to establish the cause of the possible illness. If a suspected foodstuff still remains, keep it in cold storage for possible laboratory tests.

Notification of suspected food or waterborne illness

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Customer Complaints

In other cases of complaint, for example, if your customer finds an abnormality in the quality, appearance or labeling of the food, first contact the point of sale or service, manufacturer or importer of the food.  If necessary, you can contact the environmental health care food control.