Discharge from hospital

Planning of treatment, rehabilitation and discharge according to the From Home to Home principle begins already on the day of admission. The discharging nurse draws up an assessment of the matters impacting the discharge, such as the need for hospital-at-home services, home care services, mobility aid equipment and other services (meals, safety phone etc.).

When you are discharged from the hospital, you will be given home care instructions and information regarding further treatment, prescriptions, referrals to potential further examinations and medical certificates as well as mobility aid equipment.  Remember to take all your personal belongings with you when leaving. The hospital will send an invoice for the treatment period to your home address.


Hospital-at-home provides hospital level care in the patient´s home. It can replace or shorten the period spent in the hospital ward. Hospital-at-home treats patients with, for example, infections and wounds or patients in need of hospice care. It provides temporary care, rehabilitation and assessment of the services needed after acute illness or a hospital ward period for patients who were not receiving regular home care service before. Planning and arranging of follow-up medical attention begins immediately on commencement of the client relationship.

Care always requires a referral from a doctor or a contact from authorities. Care is provided on a fixed term basis in the urban area of Kuopio.  A nurse attends the hospital-at-home every day from 8am to 9pm. Hospital-at-home cooperates with a home care physician, who also makes house calls, if necessary. During the hospital-at-home period it is also possible to get a house call/calls by a physiotherapist. Night time care is provided in cooperation with paramedics and night time home care services. Lehtolakoti provides support for hospice care patients at home.

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