Substitute Jobs

In this service for substitute jobs in the City of Kuopio you can:

  • update your availability data for employers to see
  • receive future job offers with text messages
  • explore substitute jobs available in the City of Kuopio.

In the gig calendar you can

  • express your interest in available substitute jobs
  • update your contact information

Registration to the City of Kuopio Substitute Employee Register:

Please note that it is enough to fill in one application in the substitute bank. For example, if you have submitted an application for a substitute job in the healthcare sector and have been interviewed, but you also want to accept substitute jobs in the early childhood education, contact the recruitment service. We will provide you information about kindergartens. You do not have to fill in the form for early childhood education separately.

Jobs for substitute employees and availability calendar

The interactive service of Kuntarekry also offers new tools for short-term substitute employees. It allows substitute employees to get a list of the available gigs straight into their phone. What is also new is the availability calendar offering substitute employees an easy way of notifying employers when they are taking their gigs.

Take a look at the tools of Kuntarekry by signing up or logging into the Kuntarekry system.

See further instructions on how to apply for substitute jobs and gigs by checking the FAQs.