Studying Finnish

Courses in Finnish language are organised in Kuopio from beginners' to intermediate courses. Finnish language education is available both during the day-time or in the evenings. Some Finnish language courses are for free, others do charge a fee.

The following establishments provide courses in Finnish language in Kuopio:

Multicultural Centre Kompassi
Kauppakatu 40 - 42
70110 Kuopio
+358 44 787 2872
+358 44 078 7286

Savo Vocational College
Presidentinkatu 1
70100 Kuopio
+358 17 214 3000

Kuopio Community College
Puistokatu 20
+358 17 184 722 (during educational periods)

Kuopio Upper Secondary School for Adults
Maaherrankatu 2
70100 Kuopio
+358 17 184 539

The Summer University of Kuopio
Asemakatu 7
70110 Kuopio
+358 44 746 2840

University of Eastern Finland
Language Centre
Yliopistonranta 1 C (Canthia, 2nd floor)
P.O. Box 1627
70211 Kuopio
+358 40 355 2873

If you need additional information on courses in Finnish language, please contact the above organizations.

Integration training

If you are registered as a course applicant or jobseeker at the Employment and Economic Development Office, you can apply to study Finnish language on long labour market courses or for integration training. On integration courses, you will study the Finnish language and familiarise yourself with the Finnish society and working life. Integration courses are free for the participants.

More information: Integration services for immigrants

Contact your Employment and Economic Development Office for more details:

Employment and Economic Development Office
Kauppakatu 45, Kuopio, in the shopping center Apaja
Mon–Fri 9.00–12.00 ja 13.00–16.00
Entrepreneurs: 0295 043 502
Customers: 0295 025 500