Clinic for Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Visit and examination at the clinic for treatment of sexually transmitted infections are free of charge. Laboratory tests should be made two weeks after a suspected transmission at the earliest. The appointment is with a nurse and, if necessary, an appointment with a physician is arranged. It might not be possible to see a physician during the same visit. Some of the tests are made from a urine sample. Patients must refrain from urinating at least one hour before giving the urine sample. Results are received in about one week.

For the time being, also patients without an appointment are accepted by the clinic (max. 2 patients/day) in the queue number order. Distribution of queue numbers starts at 11:30 am.  

Testing for sexually transmitted infections is also performed by health care teams in health care centres, student health care services and in private medical clinics.

Home testing for sexually transmitted infections

If you suspect a chlamydia or gonorrhoea infection you can test yourself at home, too. The service is intended for clients living in Kuopio and Tuusniemi. The earliest possible testing time is one week after the potential transmission date.

Order a test by calling 017 186 547 Mon-Thu at 3-3.30 pm. The service is in Finnish. The test is sent to you and you must follow the instructions of use in the package. The test is free of charge for you and the return stamp has already been paid for.  A test order is personal.


If you want, you may have yourself tested for HIV (blood sample) anonymously. Testing is carried out in the laboratory of the main health care centre at Kuninkaankatu 25 A, weekdays at 10 am – 1:30 pm.

Clinic for Infectious Diseases

The clinic investigates contact sources of infectious diseases, makes decisions whether an infected person may go to work or not, handles referrals of patients for treatment of infectious diseases made by team doctors and investigates outbreaks of epidemics.

Contact information Contact information

Clinic for Treatment of Sexually
Transmitted Infections
Tulliportinkatu 15 J,
4th floor
(entrance from Maaherrankatu)

Without appointment:
registration weekdays at 11:30 am.
Sexual Health Helpline
weekdays at 1:15-1:45 pm
017 186 560

Clinic for Infectious Diseases
Tulliportinkatu 15 J,
4th floor
(entrance from Maaherrankatu)

Appointments and guidance
017 186 547 weekdays at 8-11 am
Public Health Nurse
Telephone service
017 186 560 weekdays at 10-11 am