Dental Care

Changes in dental care during the coronavirus pandemic:

All routine dental care appointments are cancelled between May 4th  and July 31st 2020. Urgent dental care appointments are available in our dental clinics at Canthia, Pyörö and Neulamäki. If you are sick (flu, fever, etc.), please wait until your symptoms pass before making the appointment. For more information, please call 017 186 611, Mon-Fri 07:45-11:00.

If you suspect you have contracted the coronavirus, please call the Kuopio city coronavirus information phone service 044 704 6700 Mon-Fri 8:00-14:00, or if you need information on the health care services in health issues related to the pandemic.

Admittance of patients for treatment depends on how urgent their need for oral and dental care is: Booking and Cancellation of Appointments.

Admittance for Treatment in Oral and Dental Care

Your need for treatment is estimated by a central appointment desk of the oral and dental care. The estimation must be carried out within three days. On weekdays during the office hours the oral care can be reached by leaving a request for a return call.

Non-urgent oral and dental treatment in Kuopio is provided within six months at the latest.

Reminder of an Appointment with Text Message

Clients receive a reminder of an approaching appointment two days in advance by a text message sent to their mobile phone number listed in the patient records. A fee of 50,80 euros is charged from clients over the age of 15 for unused and uncancelled appointments regardless of whether a text message was received or not.

The text message shows the name of the client and details of the appointment. Prior to receiving the text message, the client has already received an advance notice about the details of the appointment either by post, by phone or when visiting the clinic.

The electronic booking system for oral and dental care is out of service

The electronic booking is out of service due to change of the patient data management system. The system will be operational again during the spring of 2018.

Enquiries concerning Invoices of Oral Care

Enquiries concerning the content of invoices 017 186 605 at 9-10 am

Invoice ledger 044 791 8147

Appointments and Emergency Care in Oral and Dental Care Appointments and Emergency Care in Oral and Dental Care

Appointments Mon-Fri at 7:45-11:00 am

017 186 611

Urgent dental appointments Mon-Fri

  • 7:45-16:00
  • after 16:00 tel. 116 117 information service

Urgent dental care appointments on public holidays and weekends

  • 08:00-09:00 am tel. 017 174 020
  • at other times tel. 116 117 information service

Optional follow-up care for emergency patients Optional follow-up care for emergency patients