Oral healt examinations


Families expecting their first child


A family or parent expecting their first child can make an appointment to oral hygienists recepetion to discuss the oral health of the family and the child to come. The maternity clinic nurse in the health care center makes the appointment for the family. The appointment takes place at the dental clinic or the maternity clinic.

At the consultation you can discuss your own and your baby´s oral health with an oral hygienist, and estimate the need for dentist chekup.


Small children


A children´s clinic nurse cheks the child´s oral health at the age of 1.

Small children are called in for oral health checkups at a dental assistant´s reception at the age of 2, 3,5 and 5, sometimes more often, if assessed necessary.


Schoolchildren and youth

Schoolchildren and youth are called in for oral health cheksups at an oral hygienistis reception the age of 7 and 12. 15 year-olds are called in for a dentists chekup. If assessed necessary, chekups may take plave more often.




Adults over the age of 18 can book an appointment from the dental clinic´s customer service. If you haven´t had any previuos appointments at Kuopio health care center´s dental clinic, the first appointment will be made to a dentist examination.

Treatment plans and intrevals are personalized. The need for following appointments are assesed on the basis of oral and general health.