Health Care services

School Health Care

Every school has a public health nurse. One public health nurse may also provide health care for several schools. Whether the nurse is present on every school day depends on the size of the school.

Student Health Care

Kuopio municipal student health care provides health care services for students enrolled in Kuopio’s upper secondary schools, vocational colleges and universities of applied sciences. The aim is to promote the students’ wellbeing and enhance their general health during studies as well as support their future ability to work.  Contact information to the public health nurses providing student health care can be found under the link to each school.

Health Care for the Unemployed

The aim of the medical examination is, among other things, to identify the reasons for the impaired work ability of the unemployed, to promote mental health and life management, to improve health and functioning capability as well as to prevent illnesses with their physical, psychological and social consequences.  

Health Care for Immigrants

Immigrants in Kuopio use the same health care and social services as other Kuopio residents with the exception of immigrants who have arrived in Kuopio as refugees or remigrants. Their health care services are provided by the immigration unit.