What is land use planning?

A land use plan regulates detailed land use, construction and development. The regulations define what can be built and where and how building can take place. For example, the location, size and function of the buildings are defined by the plan. Local features of the area, cityscape, good building practice, improving the uses of existing buildings and other goals affect the land use plan.

A land use plan or revision of a plan is drawn up on a map which indicates the borders and functions of different land use areas, the amount of construction, locations of the buildings and guidelines for building. A land use plan includes written plan regulations and a plan report.

Land use plans and detailed guidelines for building are produced by the Urban Planning Department. Planning reviews are published annually for current plans.

An initiative for the preparation of a plan or revision of a plan can be made either by the landowner or other actors in the city. Preparation of a land use plan is begun if the City considers it appropriate.

Landowners and others that are affected by the plan are informed of the goals, premises and possible alternatives of the planning work. Those interested can obtain information, participate in the preparation, evaluate its impacts and express their opinions. Often a public meeting and/or a plan exhibit is organised.

A detailed plan process usually takes at least a year but can take as long as several years. Construction can begin after the detailed plan has been approved by the City Council, comes into effect and is legally binding.



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