Updated 26.4.2022

Information about Coronavirus

On this page, you can find updates and instructions on Coronavirus in English.

Regional recommendations

According to Northern Savo regional Coronavirus coordination group (25.4.2022) epidemic situation in Northern Savo got better. Hospital care is not strained. However there is still much Coronavirus left in waste water. 

Face mask using recommendation by THL quited 14.4.2022.

However, THL recommends to use face masks in public interiors and in public transport for:

- those, who has Coronavirus suspicion and goes to test or health care center
- those, who has breathing infection symptoms
- those, who know, that they are exposed to Coronavirus (for example if family member has Coronavirus infection)

Public events

Restrictions for public events stopped in Eastern Finland 15.2.2022. 

Coronavirus vaccinations

According to THL`s new recommendation, everyone over 18 years old can have the third vaccination. Time period between 2. and 3. vaccination has to be 5-6 months.

Covid-19 passport

The aim of Covid-19 passport is to prevent spreading of the virus in groups of people and to advance safe opening of society. The passport makes possible entry to some events, restaurants, night clubs etc.

Here you can load the passport: https://www.kanta.fi/koronatodistus

If you have no access to Omakanta or can not get a passport there, you may ask your nurse to print it for you.

More information about the Covid-19 passport: Covid-19 passport (stm.fi)

Regional recommendations

According to Northern Savo regional Covid coordination group (25.1.2022) the epidemic situation is in a spreading condition in the whole country. Hovewer, the health care is not strained. Omikron variant causes milder disease and wide vaccination coverage also protects persons from the risk group.

Isolation rules have changed in Northern Savo, persons with infections should be sick at home

According to the Covid coordination group, administrative isolation decisions are given up. Infected persons should voluntary avoid contacts and inform people they contacted with and who may be exposed to the infection.

More information about positive Covid tests: www.kuopio.fi/koronatestaus-kuopiossa

Infected persons have to avoid contacts

The coordination group reminds, that infected person should stay home and avoid contacts from outside for at least five days, until the person is asymptomatic. If person`s health condition is good, there is no need to contact healthcare services or get tested.

Mask recommendations for children of school age starting from the first grade

According to the coordination group it is impossible to limit the epidemic by quarantine decisions, so asymptomatic children can study in schools. The group recommends to use face masks, if it is possible, starting from the first grade.

Coronavirus guidelines for schools from 18.1.2022

A joint bulletin of the City of Kuopio health care, school, and communications services
In the current epidemic situation, with infections occurring uncontrolled in the general population, tracing individual contacts no longer serves a purpose to prevent the spread of the epidemic. Due to the rapid increase in cases, contact tracing can no longer limit the epidemic.
Going forward, tracing measures in Kuopio will apply only to those most at risk, care institutions, and social services and health care units.
It is preferable to inform the school of any positive home test, so that the information about exposure can be communicated to those exposed. However, our primary recommendation is that anyone who falls ill inform those they have been in close contact with themselves. Those exposed may be asked to avoid contacts for five days after the contact with the infected person, and to wear a face mask and observe good hand hygiene while meeting other people.
Quarantine and isolation
Quarantines for exposed individuals will be abolished throughout the North Savo region. The new instructions place a priority on the best interests of the child: as quarantine orders can no longer limit the epidemic, it is in the interest of children to let those not exhibiting symptoms to go to school and study. There is a large body of scientific evidence pointing to the harmful effects of teleschooling. In addition, the Institute of Health and Welfare rates being present in the same classroom as an infected person as a minor risk for infection.
The isolation period for a person who has tested positive is 5 days after the date of testing, if the symptoms are minor and there has been no fever in the last day of isolation. However, if symptoms continue to be significant, the absence may be continued as long as considered necessary by the physician treating the patient.
In the case of an exposure within a family, a symptom-free family member may go to work or attend school or daycare as long as there are no symptoms, but a home test is recommended both immediately and on the third day after the infected person first manifested symptoms. If an exposed person manifests symptoms, they should stay home.
ATTENTION! Isolation orders given to those who have tested positive prior to 18.1. will not be altered, and they must follow the instructions issued earlier.
Mask recommendation
The North Savo regional coronavirus management team recommends masks be worn at schools from the first grade on up as possible. The mask recommendation will enter into force on Tuesday 18.1. and masks will be dealt out at schools as soon as they can be delivered.
We hope mask wearing will be practised at home with young school children and the wearing of masks by older pupils also encouraged.
As the epidemic enters a more difficult stage, testing capacity in health care has been overloaded.
A person exhibiting mild symptoms should not seek a laboratory test for COVID-19 unless they are a member of a group most at risk for severe illness. They should instead conduct a quick test at home.
Negative home test
If a child tests negative, he or she may return to school after one asymptomatic day (as with any other illness). 
Positive home test
If a child tests positive, he or she needs to self-isolate. Basically this means staying at home for 5-10 days, minimising contacts and informing, if possible, persons with whom the child was in contact 2-3 days before the symptoms started.
A positive home test means self-isolation, and absence from school will be counted as “ordinary” sick leave. If the pupil feels up to it, they may study independently as instructed by their teacher. When returning to school, a pupil is entitled to extra classes. A shift to distance teaching is not possible without a decision by the health care authorities.

Coronavirus guidelines for schools from 18.1.2022 in Arabic language

تم إعداد النشرة المعلوماتية بالتعاون مع السلطات الصحية والتعليمية والاتصالات بمدينة كوبيو.

اقتفاء الأثر والمتابعة
في هذه الظروف الوبائية ، حيث تنتشر العدوى بين المواطنين ، لم يعد تتبع المخالطين للفرد المصاب أمراً مهماً في منع انتشار الوباء. نظراً للزيادة السريعة في تفشي المرض ، لم يعد من الممكن الحد من انتشار العدوى عن طريق التتبع.
 تستهدف إجراءات المتابعة في مدينة كوبيو الفئات المعرضة للخطر، ومؤسسات الرعاية ووحدات SOTE .
يجب عليك إبلاغ المدرسة عن الاختبار المنزلي الإيجابي، حتى يمكن نقل المعلومات إلى أولئك الذين تعرضوا للمخالطة كلما أمكن ذلك. على أي حال ، بالدرجة الأولى ، نحبذ للأشخاص الذين كانوا على اتصال وثيق بالآخرين أن يقوموا بإبلاغهم بأنفسهم عن مرضهم. يمكنكم أن تطلبوا من الأشخاص الذين تعرضوا للمخالطة تجنب تفادي الاتصال أو التقابل مع الآخرين لمدة 5 أيام واستخدام قناع الوجه أي الكمامة والاعتناء بالنظافة الجيدة لليدين عند مقابلة ألأشخاص آخرين.
الحجر والحجز الصحي
سوف يتم التخلي عن الحجر الصحي في حالات التعرض للمخالطة في جميع أنحاء منطقة سافو الشمالية. نأخذ في الاعتبار بالنسبة للتوجيهات الجديدة مصلحة الطفل بالدرجة الأولى: حيث أننا لن تتمكن بواسطة قرارات الحجر الصحي من السيطرة على الوباء ، بالتالي فإنه من مصلحة الطفل، أن يذهب الطفل الذي لا تظهر عليه أعراض المرض إلى المدرسة والدراسة. بخصوص الآثار الضارة للمدارس عن بعد قد تم جمع الكثير من المعلومات التي أجريت من خلال البحوث . بالإضافة إلى ذلك ، بناءً على معلومات THL ، إن البقاء في نفس الفصل الدراسي حيث يوجد مريض مصاب بفيروس كورونا فإننا نعتبر أن مخاطر المخالطة ضئيلة. 
بالنسبة للشخص الذي تم فحصه من قِبَل الخ\مات الصحية وكانت النتيجة إيجابية فإن فترة العزل هي 5 أيام بعد يوم الاختبار، إذا كانت الأعراض خفيفة، ولم يعد هناك ارتفاع في درجة الحرارة لمدة يوم كامل. على أي حال إذا استمرت الأعراض بصورة شديدة، فإنه بناءً على تقدير الطبيب المعالج يمكن أن تستمر فترة الغياب. 
إذا تعرض أحد أفراد الأسرة للمخالطة ولكنه بدون أعراض يمكنه الذهاب إلى العمل، المدرسة أو روضة الأطفال طالما أنه بدون أعراض، ولكننا نحبذ بأن يجرى له اختبار منزلي على الفور كذلك في اليوم الثالث بعد المرض بالكورونا ومن تاريخ بدء ظهور الأعراض. إذا ظهرت أعراض على الشخص المخالط، يجب عليه البقاء في المنزل على الفور.
ملاحظة! بالنسبة للأشخاص الذين قد حصلوا على نتيجة إيجابية للاختبار أي للفحص قبل تاريخ .18.1 لا يتم تغيير التعليمات بشأنهم، ولكنهم يجب أن يتصرفوا بناءً على التعليمات السابقة التي قد حصلوا عليها. 
التوصية باستخدام الكمامة
يحبذ حسب التوصيات الخاصة بالكورونا في منطقة شمال سافو، أن تستخدم الكمامات بالمدارس وذلك ابتداءً من تلاميذ الصف الأول 1 وذلك قد المستطاع تنفيذ ذلك. التوصية باستخدام الكمامات تصبح سارية المفعول ابتداءً من يوم الثلاثاء الموافق .18.1 وسوف يتم توزيع هذه الكمامات على التلاميذ على الفور، وذلك عند وصول هذه الكمامات إلى المدارس.
نود، أن تتدربون على استخدام الكمامة في البيت مع تلاميذ المدارس الصغار ويجب عليكم تشجيعهم على ذلك كذلك أيضاً تشجيع الطلبة الكبار على استخدام الكمامة.
بسبب تفشي الوباء فإن قدرة الرعاية الصحية على عمل الاختبار قد تأثرت نتيجة العبء الذي تواجهه.
الشخص الذي تظهر عليه أعراض خفيفة يجب ألا يسعى إلى الحصول على رعاية طبية لإجراء اختبار الكورونا في المختبر إلا إذا لم يكن ضمن محموعة مخاطر الإصابة بفيروس كورونا ، ولكن يمكنه عوضاً عن ذلك إجراء اختبار سريع في المنزل.
نتيجة الاختبار المنزلي سلبية
من الممكن العودة إلى المدرسة بعد النتيجة السلبية للاختبار المنزلي بعد أن يكون يوم واحد بدون أعراض (كالأمراض الأخرى أيضاً).
نتيجة الاختبار المنزلي إيجابية
إذا كانت نتيجة الاختبار المنزلي إيجابية، فإنه يجب على الشخص أن يعزل نفسه طوعاً. هذا يعني البقاء في البيت لمدة 5 - 10 أيام، لتقليل التواصل وجعله في أدنى حد، وحسب الإمكانيات أيضًا إبلاغ بشكل طوعي الأشخاص الذين من المعروف أنه قد تم التواصل معهم خلال فترة 2 - 3 أيام السابقة.
الاختبار البيتي الإيجابي يعني العزل الطوعي والتغيب عن المدرسة مثل أي حالة من حالات الغياب العادية بسبب المرض. إذا كان الحالة الصحية تسمح، بالتالي بإمكانه الدراسة بشكل مستقل وفقًا للإرشادات التي يقدمها المدرسين.. الطالب لديه الحق في دروس التقوية عند عودته إلى المدرسة. ليس من الممكن التحول إلى التعليم عن بعد دون قرار من الجهات الرسمية الصحية.

Regional recommendations

By the Coronavirus Coordination group (18.10.2021) situation with the pandemia of coronavirus is getting better (148,5 per 100 000 citizens) and origins of infections are found out in over 80% of cases. There is no overcrowding anymore in the tracking of exposed persons.

There is no need for new recommendations or restrictions. We recommend to use face masks if it is impossible to keep a safe distance to other people. If you are exposed to coronavirus and have symptoms, you should have a test or make a home test first.

We strongly recommend to follow the quarantine and isolation instructions and stay home if you have any infection symptoms, even if coronavirus infection was not diagnosed.

In this situation the coronavirus vaccination is the best way to control spreading of the pandemia and protect yourself from the serious illness.

Face mask recommendations

The Coronavirus Coordination group recommends to use face masks inside for all persons over 12 years old, where is impossible to keep a safe distance to other people. Using mask is even more important for those, who didn`t get yet both vaccinations. 

Because the pandemia continues in Kuopio and Siilinjärvi, the Coordination group recommends to use face masks also in small places and events, such as stores, culture and sport events, leisure clubs and buses.

Information on Coronavirus in different languages

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL): Instructions concerning Coronavirus in different languages

The City of Helsinki: Coronavirus information in different languages including general instructions for people in quarantine (contact information for local health centers in Kuopio, please see link below)

The City of Turku: Corona-information for immigrants

What to do if you suspect having an infection?

If you are presenting respiratory symptoms, testing for the coronavirus is recommended even if you could manage with home care.

During office hours contact your local health center by phone (“Appointment Search”): www.kuopio.fi/en/kiireellinen-hoito-ja-paivystys

Outside office hours, contact the emergency Puijo Hospital (Kuopio University Hospital) by calling 116 117.  The emergency services are located in the premises of the Kuopio University Hospital (KUH) at Puijonlaaksontie 2.

Please contact your local health services by phone. You will be advised to stay home and to wait for further instructions. You should not go to a health center so you would not expose others to a possible infection.

The city of Kuopio's Corona help line

You can call the city of Kuopio's Corona help line at 044 704 6700 if you suspect having a coronavirus infection or in other issues concerning the Coronavirus. The help line is open weekdays Mon-Thu from 8am to 3pm, Friday from 8am to 2pm and on weekend Fri-Sun from 8am to 12 noon.

Support for you and your family during the Coronavirus outbreak

The novel Coronavirus and the current situation raise many questions. In matters regarding support and psychosocial support for you or your family, you can contact the customer service of our social services at 044 718 3930.

The Kuopio shelter also provides support for those experiencing domestic violence or a threat thereof around the clock at 017 183 393.

Hand washing is the most effective way to avoid an infection

The best way to avoid a coronavirus infection, as well as any virus infection, is to practice regular hand washing and to cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing. Good hand hygiene is crucial for preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with plenty of water and washing liquid or soap, especially before eating.

Also remember to cover your mouth with a disposable tissue when coughing or sneezing. Immediately put the used handkerchief in the rubbish bin. If you don't have a handkerchief, cough or sneeze onto the upper part of the arm of your sweater, not into your hands.

More information on THL’s webpages: https://thl.fi/en/web/infectious-diseases/information-materials

Authoritative instructions and general information on Coronavirus outbreak

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare monitors the situation regularly and updates the information on the spread of the virus and with instructions for preventing infection. More updates on the coronavirus on THL’s webpages:  https://thl.fi/en/web/infectious-diseases/what-s-new/coronavirus-covid-19-latest-updates

Measures decided by the Government of Finland: https://valtioneuvosto.fi/en/information-on-coronavirus

Information on travelling: the Ministry for Forreign Affairs in Finland

Kela, frequently asked questions about the corona virus situation