What is a master plan?

A master plan presents regulations and guidelines for land use. It shows the main characteristics of the future urban structure in municipalities. The primary aim of a master plan is to prepare for future changes. The plan provides guidelines for detailed plans and is approved by the City Council.

A master plan can cover the entire municipality, a certain city district (local master plan) or can be a thematic master plan. A planning process incorporating several surveys, analyses and conclusions enables the City to act proactively in a context of global environmental changes and to find local solutions. The results of the process also help maintain the valuable features of the environment and improve energy and traffic solutions.

The plan shows the structure and location of the most important urban activities such as housing and business areas, services, recreation areas, rural areas, the traffic network, etc. The aim is to create good living conditions for all citizens. The master plan also regulates development outside urban areas – for example, on lakeshores and in rural areas. The plan shows the places to be built on and also those that will remain unbuilt.

The master plan is visualised on the map or maps. The master plan includes plan notations and planning regulations, as well as a detailed description and plan report.

How master plans are made

The City of Kuopio is responsible for master planning in its region. An annual overview of current planning projects is published (in Finnish) on the City website in the section ajankohtaiset suunnitelmat and as an annual publication called Kuopio suunnittelee ja rakentaa.

Each planning project includes a participation and assessment plan. It involves the goals and impacts of the plan and is presented at an early stage of the master plan project.

When preparing a plan, residents and interested parties can express their opinions and make proposals in writing or orally to the person planning and preparing the project. The launch of master plans and the consultation period during the draft and proposal phases are usually announced on the City website and in Kuopion Kaupunkilehti.

An objection to an approved master plan can be lodged with the Regional Administrative Court of Eastern Finland, and its decision can be appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court, whose ruling is final.

Valid master plans

The master plans and associated documents can be found on the Finnish website: http://karttapalvelu.kuopio.fi/. When a master plan is approved, there will be a delay of a few weeks before the update is available on the website. Please note that there may be technical inaccuracies on the master plan in the Map Service. For details, please contact Master Planning Manager Heli Laurinen.


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