Kuopio shelter

Shelters offer immediate crisis help, round-the-clock secured housing and psychosocial support, advice and counselling related to acute situations. The service is primarily offered to persons and families suffering from intimate partner violence or threat of such.

Shelters are

  • available regardless of place of residence
  • free of charge to customers, offered to families and individuals clients regardless of age or gender
  • if necessary, available anonymously

A shelter is a home-like place free of violence, with help offered to end violence. Shelters offer professional support, advice and counselling for acute situations. Shelters have staff present around the clock. You can phone a shelter if you need additional information or if you are doubtful about the situation you are in. You can go to a shelter on your own initiative at any time. Customers are directed to shelters also by authorities and by health and social services. Staying at a shelter does not cost you anything.

THL is responsible for organizing shelters for victims of domestic violence, and for coordinating and developing the service network. The objective is to create high-quality and comprehensive shelter services nationwide.

Kuopio shelter, Lastentie 1A, B-door, 70620 KUOPIO, phone 017-183393.

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