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The employment service of Kuopio offers you professional service on improving your employment situation. Contact us and let us find out how we could help you!

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“Our working is based on personal guidance and counselling. We listen to you and want to know about your situation of today and your wishes and goals for the future. Based on your dreams, we make a plan for your employment. Our diverse services are all free of charge. “

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Our services divides into three groups depending on your needs: 1) Support for seeking job, 2) Developing your knowledge and 3) Promotion of wellbeing and ability to work. Additional information below.



ForeAmmatti is a new digital tool for job seeking. By using ForeAmmatti you can have access to comprehensive and extensive information about different professions, work and education related trainings and future jobs.

ForeAmmatti is collecting data about employment broadly and it shows the current status of jobs and it also gives prospects from different areas for the future.

By doing skills maping in ForeAmmatti plus, the application will produce information about your own strenghts and competence – which you can exploit when seeking jobs. Overall skills mapping will demonstrate, what kind of jobs will suit for you the most.

As a customer of employment services, you can have the credentials for ForeAmmatti Plus- service, where you can have access for even more different fuctions related your job search.

Get to know the site from here www.foreammatti.fi.

Order your own user ID to ForeAmmatti Plus here


Support for seeking job


Employer cooperation and work coaching. Do you want to have counselling and work coaching? As our client, you have our support on your job search together with our employer network.

Employment support card. If you have received unemployment benefit for more than 200 days, we admit employment support card to assist employment costs.

Paid work for the city. Employment service offers fixed-term, part-time employment in various positions according to the job seeker's competencies and goals. The aim is to develop the professional skills of the jobseeker as well as accumulate work experience and work life skills.

For jobseekers aged 57-61 years who have received the maximum unemployment entitlement and who are covered by the obligation for the area, to locate such jobseekers in full-time employment are offered 6 months employment, taking into account previous professional skills.


Developing your knowledge


Employment Service Center project gathers all the counselling of employment services to one place, where customer can find it all easily. Service Center will be an integration environment coordinated by the city of Kuopio. Different operators together organize necessary services customer oriented. Employment Service Center combines youth counselling services, guidance and counselling services for adults and migrant services.

Group services. We help you to update your skills to the requirements of todays´ work life. You can have ForeAmmattiPlus system at your service. Every month we offer you a group education, which divides into five themes.

Skill Mill Workshops 2020. The goal of the Skill Mill Workshops 2020 - Competence Development Project is to create novel competence oriented workshop activities that will strengthen people’s abilities to find employment. The project's goals are to develop customer-oriented and effective operating models

  1. to strengthen the digital skills that are needed in work life
  2. to offer the competence and knowledge that is needed to start a business
  3. to develop tutored work in the city of Kuopio’s concern communities
  4. to simultaneously strengthen the Finnish language skills and work life competence

Youth work path project

Youth work path project lasts three years and develops customer service and coaching processes to be more efficient and fluent. This project aims to fasten young people´s path to work or education and it brings needed resources to the counselling and support of the young. Project prevents unemployment among youth by creating simple service path, offering personal support for 650 young adults in Kuopio (350), Varkaus (150) and Iisalmi (150). Purpose of this project is to have an influence on the youth unemployment so that joblessness ends as soon as possible at the beginning of unemployment period and so that graduated young adults would get support and a new path immediately after graduation

STEP FORWARD – Joint employment service in Kuopio. This is a collaborative project of employment, which aims to restrain structural unemployment. Target of this project is to create collaborative employment service model between governmental employment service and municipalities for handling customer service process of structural unemployed. Project works by project pair model, where the city of Kuopio is in charge of the main project and governmental employment service is in charge of the sister project.

AOK –project. AOK –project makes testing and skill surveys to long term unemployed people. Project takes into account your former knowledge and guides you forward to education.

Guidance and counselling on educational matters. We work together with educational institutions and from us you get the latest news of education sector. Employment service gives you guidance if you are thinking of studying a new profession and in improving your skills.


Promotion of wellbeing and ability to work


Starting phase survey service. If you have health problems, you can test your ability to work at our survey service.

Following service providers produce the survey service:

  • Tukeva-säätiö sr
  • Tienpolvi ky
  • Suomen nuorisoseurat ry

Rehabilitative work. Rehabilitative work is for job seekers who need more support on finding their way to work life.

Following service providers offers rehabilitative work for developing work and performance ability:

  • Tukeva-säätiö sr
  • Työterapinen yhdistys ry
  • ViaDia Pohjois-Savo ry
  • Tienpolvi ry
  • Suomen nuorisoseurat ry

Following service providers offers rehabilitative work for developing learning and work life skills:

  • Tukeva-säätiö sr
  • Työterapinen yhdistys ry
  • Tienpolvi ry
  • ViaDia Pohjois-Savo ry

Nursing services. As our client, you get nursing services free of charge. This service helps you to solve health problems that difficult your path to work life. We can also support you with professional declarations and consultations if needed.

The Multidisciplinary General Service. This cooperation with Kela, healthcare, rehabilitation services and social office enables personal support in your situation. The Multidisciplinary General Service (TYP) provides you with the services of various authorities all of whom are searching with you for the best solutions to place you in employment. 

STEP FORWARD – Joint employment service in Kuopio –project offers extended job interview.
This service is meant for STEP FORWARD project´s customers, who need personal support and counselling in developing job interview skills and employment.

Following service providers produce extended job interview service:

  • RTK-henkilöstöpalvelu Oy
  • Eezy Henkilöstöpalvelut / Hazana Oy
  • Personalhuset Staffing Group Oy
  • Barona Itä-Suomi Oy
  • Go On Kuopio/Tresgomen Oy
  • Bolt.works Oy  
  • Carrot Itä-Suomi Oy
  • Osuma Henkilöstöpalvelu Oy
  • Sihti Pohjois-Suomi Oy
  • Staffmill Oy