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Initial and information service

Clients are directed to the Kuopio City Employment Service mainly through the initial and advisory service. Often your first contact is an Employment Service (TE) Coordinator with whom you can start to make a plan to support your gaining employment.

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Multidisciplinary General Service (TYP)

The Multidisciplinary General Service provides you with the services of various authorities i.e. a one-stop principle including the Employment Service Office, experts from the Municipality and Kela all of whom are searching with you for the best solutions to place you in employment.  The path to work can take you through, for example, probationary working, rehabilitative work, education or supported work. The TYP service also provides you with a free health checkup by a public health nurse as well as information on Kela's vocational rehabilitation options.

For more information, please call 044 718 4032 or your Employment Service Office Specialist.

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Into work training service

You have the possibility to access free support services which will assist your own employment goals and service needs.

Starter Action activities are intended for young people aged 18 to 29 as a low-threshold service built to individual goals and plans.

The operational competence period is a service designed to chart your work and operational capability in support of continuation of future plans. Work time and tasks are tailor-made. Functional mapping periods are produced by:

The activation of work activities for immigrants is intended for those who require integration. The aim of the service is to promote integration and to adapt to Finnish society through employment and membership of the work community.

On 1 August 2017 rehabilitative work was replaced in the regions of Kuopio, Siilinjärvi and Tuusniemi by a regional employment experiment called the “work life experiment”.  If an unemployed jobseeker were to be allocated rehabilitative work, the participating region (see above), instead of rehabilitative work, would now legally be obliged to provide in the workplace training under the work life experiment. The participating region itself can arrange the work life experiment itself or arrange its provision in a written contract with another employer. The purpose of  the work life experiment is to establish and promote the competencies of a person and their ability to work and to support access to the job market. Learn more about working life experiment here.

Work life experiment counseling and coaching are organized by the following companies:

A wide range of guidance and training services:


Initial guidance and training service:

Supported apprenticeship training is a service aimed at conducting subsidised vocational studies with, among others, Keva cleaning and real estate maintenance.

Nursing services

Healthcare is part of the services on offer to the employment service's customers. The aim is to maintain and promote health so that plans relating to employment can be realised. According to the service need, we can obtain expert advice and consultation in support of job vacancies.

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Paid work for the city

Kuopio City Employment Service offers fixed-term, part-time employment in various positions according to the job seeker's competencies and goals. Work can be e.g. a group assistant's work at a kindergarten or a museum assistant's work at a museum. The aim is to develop the professional skills of the jobseeker as well as accumulate work experience and work life skills.

For jobseekers aged 57-61 years who have received the maximum unemployment entitlement and who are covered by the obligation for the area to place such jobseekers in full-time employment are offered 6 months employment, taking into account previous professional skills.

Job training and business cooperation

Do you want support and encouragement for job searching, job search or planning for employment and training paths?  With job training and business cooperation, you have the opportunity to access personalised services to promote your employability, access employer networks and increase skill sets leading to employment with companies.

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Kuopio employment aid for job seekers
Kuopio City employment support is for job-seekers who have received unemployment benefit for more than 200 days and is intended to assist employment search costs. Jobseekers in this target group will receive an employment support card proving that they are entitled to such support.

Work subsidies

Training at work
With training at work, you can receive work training services from cooperating work companies and the Employment Service to help you secure a job.  During training at work, there may be a short work trial period after which training may take place within the work placement.

Work training companies:

Targeted job search and job training
The service emphasizes the development of job search skills. Coaching focuses on promoting job seekers' access to work. In coaching, the jobseeker's jobseeker's jobseeker's job requirements are sought. The service is produced by service providers of employment services.

Targeted Job Search and Work Coaching Companies:


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