Home of facts and fantasies – There is no can’t in Kantti

The construction of Home of facts and fantasies that combines the Kuopio Museum and the main library proceeds as planned. Upon its completion in the spring of 2021, this unique whole will provide a meeting space while generating experiences with the help of information and stories.

Home of facts and fantasies aims at broadening the visitors’ world and at providing the possibility to wonder more. At the same time, it contributes to the city of Kuopio as the capital of good life where wellbeing is available for everyone. This has been acknowledged by making many of the services of the museum and of the main library more accessible. Furthermore, the substance of the events will be made more versatile by combining nature and cultural history with library contents.

The museum, the main library, and the spacious lobby to be added to them will enable a set of functional facilities for meeting people and for spending time together and alone.

A block that looks like Kuopio people

Home of facts and fantasies will be a place for everyone in Kuopio to call their own: a place for thinking together, for meeting people, for being active, for learning, and for remembering.

– Young people have been the least numerous user group of the museum and main library. Oodi, the new main library in Helsinki, has proved however that if we can meet the needs of the young, they are every bit as potential a customer group as everybody else, the service designer Kirsi Miettinen says.

A survey ordered by the Oodi library situated in the Kansalaistori square and designed to be every city dweller’s own space revealed that, apart from the basic services, young people appreciate the side activities provided by the library such as just hanging out or 3D printing for example.

– We are after the same thought for Home of facts and fantasies in Kuopio. Through joint planning, a thing that is close to my heart, we invite young people of Kuopio to think how the facilities could best serve them, Miettinen adds.

Kantti is all about equality

In the future, Home of facts and fantasies is estimated to attract close to a million customers a year. The aim is for all of those million visitors to find there something that they have not known, seen, or experienced before. Which makes it important that the name of the block too should feel up, close, and personal. During the summer, municipal residents got to choose which of the four alternatives for the name would best suit the new building. The possibility to have an impact on the name generated widespread interest. A total of 1,960 votes were cast. The winner was Kantti with 35.5% of the votes. Kalla came in second with 34.6% and only lost by a margin of 17 votes.

That Kantti and Kalla were the two top choices speaks of the voters’ willingness to call the new meeting place by a very local name that would also have a more profound meaning. Kantti brings to mind Minna Canth, a well-known Finnish writer and opinion-former who took to heart equality, an important value to Home of facts and fantasies as well.

The Block is also brave in spirit and dares inspire thoughts, emotions, and topics. It questions, seeks real information, and also encourages visitors to do so while fighting against indifference and loneliness. It creates a safe and participatory community to which everybody is welcome as they are.

Kantti will be opened to the public in three stages:

  • The functional changes of the library side and the renovation of the library ground floor will be completed in autumn 2020
  • The new building in the block, its exhibitions and workshop premises, as well as the café and museum shop will open in spring 2021
  • The old side of the Kuopio Museum and its exhibitions will open at the end of 2021


Text: Maiju Korhonen