Medical care and follow-up visits

Specialist Medical Care

A referral is required for a visit to specialist doctors. Services in internal medicine, cardiology, geriatrics and neurology as well and neuropsychology are provided by specialist doctors in the Harjula outpatient clinic. Specialist services in ear, nose and throat diseases are provided at the main health care centre.

The referral of a non-resident of the region must contain a note that the person is using his/her option to choose the place for specialist medical care. The choice of the place for special medical care applies to one referral at a time.

Visits to Nurses  

Medical care is also provided independently by the team nurses, for example diabetes nurse, wound care nurse, heart diseases nurse, arthritis nurse and memory nurse. Many regular follow-up visits are handled by the nurses. In general, a doctor’s referral is required for a visit to a nurse.

The services of a nutritional therapist are sought, for example, when a special diet is required as a result of an illness or it is necessary to evaluate the nutritional values of a diet and to give guidance.

Medical care equipment

The chronically ill and the physically disabled living at home or in a nursing home are entitled to medical care equipment specified in their nursing plan with a referral from the nursing staff. Medical care equipment available at the Medical Care Equipment Distribution Service comprise, among other things, equipment for ostomy, treatment of diabetes, wound care, diapers, catheters and urine collecting equipment as well as equipment for feeding, oxygen and dialysis.  

CPAP Devices

CPAP devices are available at Harjula outpatient clinic (Niuvantie 4).
Without appointment Tuesdays at 2–3 pm and Thursdays at 7:45–9 am.
Change of broken/faulty cpap devices with an appointment Mon-Fri 044 7186707 at 12 noon -1 pm.

Contact Information Contact Information

Main Health Care Centre
Tulliportinkatu 15
70100 Kuopio
017 182 111

Harjula Hospital
Outpatient Clinic
Niuvantie 4
70210 KUOPIO
017 186 725

Medical Technician
Main Health Care Centre,
1st floor,
Tulliportinkatu 15 H,
70100 Kuopio
044 718 6322

Pyörö Health Care Centre
Pyörönkaari 24
044 718 6589
visits by appointment
Public Health Care Nurse for Refugees   
Main Health Care Centre,
Tulliportinkatu 17 E
017 186 313

Tulliportinkatu 15 H,
4th floor
044 718 6511

Distribution of Medical Care equipment
Tulliportinkatu 15 H,
2nd floor
Mon at 12 noon–5 pm
Tue at 10 am–4 pm
Fri at 7:30 am–12 noon