Virtual Sister City Conference 2021

Program 21-22 September 2021

Tuesday 21 September

(Central European time, GMT. + 1 hour in Kuopio)

Time zone: Denmark, Norway, Sweden Time zone: Finland  
08.45 09.45 The lines will be open
09.00 10.00 Welcome words
Conference host
Marketing director
Ms. Kirsi Soininen, Kuopio
Welcoming speech 
Mayor Mr. Jarmo Pirhonen, Kuopio
09.15 10.15 Greetings from the Sister Cities:
Vice Mayor Mr. Ola Smepass, Bodø
Chairman Ms. Tord Sundqvist,  Jönköping
Chairman of the Culture and Leisure Committee,
Mr. Lars Erik Hornemann, Svendborg
09.30 10.30 Citizen wellbeing - expert interviews and presentations from Kuopio
    Happy and healthy Kuopio 2030 video
    Liikkis - wellbeing bracelet, Kantti, Puijo video
    Kuopio in the WHO Healthy Cities network video

New era of digitalization and citizen wellbeing video

Guest: Director Ms. Katariina Kummala, Kuopio Music Centre

10.40 11.40

Nature and climate actions  expert interviews and presentations from Kuopio 

11.10 12.10 Greetings from Föreningen Norden and students, Kuopio.
11.30 12.30 Lunch break
11.45 12.45 Lines will be open
    Growing Kuopio - Presentations with expert interviews, cooperation discussions
12.00 13.00 Savilahti - Smart city video
12.40 13.40

International Events in Kuopio

Artistic Director, Ms. Johanna Tuukkanen, ANTI Festival
Race Director, Ms.Tiina Boman, Ironman Finland-Kuopio-Tahko
Festival Director, Ms. Johanna Rajamäki, Kuopio Dance Festival

12.55 13.55

Integration of immigrants in the labour market

Guests:  Employment service coordinator in charge Ms. Elina Neuvonen and Coordinator Ms. Tiina Pursiainen, Employment Service, Kuopio.

Presentations from the Sister Cities:
Activity Guide, Gro-Marie Thomassen, Sports Council,Bodø
Coordinator of health guides, Ms. Ann Kristin Moeller, Jönköping, 
Head of Civil and Labor Market, Ms. Louise Berg, Svendborg
Employment service coordinator in charge, Ms. Elina Neuvonen, Kuopio

Summary of the presentations:
Coordinator Ms. Tiina Pursiainen, Employment Service, Kuopio.

13.55 14.55 Summary of the day by Conference host
Marketing director
Ms. Kirsi Soininen, Kuopio


Wednesday 22 September


Time zone:
Denmark, Norway, Sweden             
Time zone: 
09.00 10.00 Official Sister City meeting (invitation only for official presentatives)
10.45 11.45 Short break. The lines will be open.
Videomaterial from Svendborg video, Bodø video and Jönköping video.
11.00 12.00 Signature celebration of the new agreement 2022-2029
 (for all registrated participants)
Opening words
Conference host
Marketing director
Ms. Kirsi Soininen, Kuopio
Mayor Mr. Jarmo Pirhonen, Kuopio
    Signature of the new agreement
    Speech / Tal
Ordförande,  Mr. Juhana Vartiainen, Föreningen Norden video
    Greetings from Honorary consuls 

Second Vice Chairman of the City Council Mr. Harri Auvinen


Musical part of the program: Preview of the upcoming opera Minna's Heaven (Minna Canth 1844-1897) video


Thank you speech
Chairman of the City Board Mr. Aleksi Eskelinen


Chairman Ms. Tord Sundqvist,  Jönköping, Sister City Conference 2023. Photomaterial from Destination Jönköping video

12.05 13.05 Ending words:
Conference host
Marketing director
Ms. Kirsi Soininen, Kuopio
(Kuopio's image video)
12.15 13.15 Conference ends

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