Child Welfare Notification

A child welfare case is initiated when a child, his guardian or another individual concerned about the child contacts the child welfare authorities by phone or in writing. A notifying authority is obliged to make a child welfare notification also in advance when there are reasonable grounds to suspect that a child to be born will need child welfare support instantly after birth.

Employees working with children and families in social and health care, day care, schools, youth services, parish, police, emergency services, Emergency Response Center and the Criminal Sanctions Agency have a special notification obligation according to the Child Welfare Act. In addition, a child welfare notification can be made by a private person becoming concerned about the situation of a child and family. If he wishes, a private person can make a notification anonymously. The child or the guardian can also request an assessment of the need for services.

After its arrival, the child welfare notification is investigated to the extent required and the child’s guardians are contacted. In urgent cases where the child is suspected to be in immediate danger, the notification is investigated without delay. Each child welfare notification is investigated.


Child Welfare Notification Child Welfare Notification

The child welfare notification can be made informally or by filling a form.
The child welfare notification must be sent to the following address:
Family Services and non-institutional child welfare
Emergency and investigation team
Viestikatu 1-3, 3rd floor
70600 KUOPIO

A child welfare notification can also be made by telephone
044 718 3729 on Mon, Wed, Thu and Fri from 9:15 am to 4:30 pm and on Tuesdays 10 am to 4:30 pm.

For urgent child welfare issues outside the office hours, call the emergency social services, tel. 112.
The authorities are expected to forward an electronic child welfare notification.