Private daycare

Private daycare centres and private family daycare form an essential part of the early childhood education and care services in Kuopio. There are several private daycare centres in the city and family daycare providers who offer daycare in their homes. Application for a daycare place should be forwarded directly to the private daycare centre or family daycare provider.

The city supports and supervises private daycare, the same rules and regulations of the Early Childhood Education Act covering both the municipal and the private early childhood education and care and the same documents governing the activities of both.

Support for private daycare

If a child is in private daycare, the family can get

• private daycare allowance paid by Kela or

• a service voucher for private daycare granted by the municipality

Application for a voucher and daycare fee (deductible)

• The family has applied for and received a place in a private daycare centre.

• The family submits an electronic service voucher application to the city (Page in Finnish)

• Before the daycare starts, the family submits an income statement to the office for early childhood education and care (Page in Finnish), after which a decision on the service voucher can be made.

• The service voucher is paid to the private daycare provider.

• The private daycare provider charges the daycare fee from the family.

The family’s share of the daycare fee (deductible) in a private daycare is equal to the fee in a municipal daycare. Some private daycare centres may charge the family an additional special fee, for example an extra language fee.