Large Public Events

Large public events including food serving or food sale, and where more than 500 people are expected to participate, must be notified to the Environmental Healthcare well in advance of the start of the event.

The organizer of public event must ensure that:

  •  waste management and hygienic conditions have been arranged so that they do not cause any health problems
  • smokefree areas must be signed and the public must be guided to comply with smoking restrictions

Further information:

Mobile Food Premises

In the case of starting outdoor food sales, the operation must be registered as a food premises operation. Notified to the municipal authority in whose area operations start for the registeration the operator must contact the municipal authority in whose area operations start. If a mobile food facility comes to another area to sell or produce foodstuffs, the local Food Control should be notified at least four days before beginning any activity. The notification must be made via the "Information on Food Sales" form or by an informal e-mail notification.

Individuals, hobby clubs, etc., who occasionally sell foodstuffs such as coffee, sandwiches or grilled sausages need not make such notifications.