On-Call Dentist on Weekdays

On weekdays at 4-9 pm the oral and dental emergency care operates an on-call dentist system, enabling the oral emergency service to call a dentist to assist in treatment if the need for treatment of the patient meets the emergency criteria (listed below).

Criteria for Urgent Emergency Treatment in Oral and Dental Care on Public Holidays and Weekends

1. Clear swelling, limited ability to open the mouth, difficulty with swallowing.

2. Assaults, dental injuries or suspected broken jaw.

3. Extreme dental pain (continuous, preventing sleep, painkillers do not help).

4. Extreme pain when biting. A loose tooth or strong pain prevent biting. Limited ability to open the mouth.

Contact Contact

Appointments Mon-Fri at 7:45-11:00 am

017 186 611

Urgent dental appointments Mon-Fri

  • 7:45-16:00
  • after 16:00 tel. 116 117 information service

Urgent dental care appointments on public holidays and weekends

  • 08:00-09:00 am tel. 017 174 020
  • at other times tel. 116 117 information service