New housing developments in Kuopio

Kuopio is growing with its urban structure expanding annually as a result of new residential building construction. Kuopio's objective is to keep regional expansion as slow as possible, and to concentrate most of the residential housing production to complement and fit into the present urban structure.  Kuopio's target is to build at least 800 new homes annually, a target the city has already reached during several years. Kuopio's population is also growing every year mostly as a result of inter-municipal migration.

Kuopio's largest population and home construction growth has concentrated on the Saaristokaupunki area in recent years. At present, Saaristokaupunki is already an area of more than 11,000 residents. Built in 2008, Saaristokatu now connects Saaristokaupunki to the centre of Kuopio. While Saaristokaupunki continues to expand also in the coming years, residential construction will start in several new areas around the city at the same time. Currently, Kuopio is also expanding southwards with the commencement of housing construction in Hiltulanlahti in 2015. Hiltulanlahti is a spacious residential area of small houses within close proximity to nature.

In the coming years, Kuopio's largest and most important housing complex will be Savilahti, a combination of residential housing, business, education and services. Kuopio’s Savilahti will be built for decades to come and the target is to create an area for 34,000 residents by 2030. Construction started in 2015 near the Kuopio University Hospital in an area called the Southern Hillside of Puijonlaakso. The housing and business construction of Savilahti's new areas will begin in 2019.

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Housing director
Katri Hiltunen
044 718 5050

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