Diverse opportunities

There are seven upper secondary schools in Kuopio: Juankoski Upper Secondary School, Kallavesi Upper Secondary School, Kuopion klassillinen Upper Secondary School, Kuopion Lyseo Upper Secondary School, Lumit Upper Secondary School for Performing Arts, Nilsiä Upper Secondary School and the Kuopio Upper Secondary School for Adults.

All of these schools enable you to complete the syllabus for general upper secondary education and take the national Matriculation Examination. In addition to the core curriculum, upper secondary schools also offer a variety of optional courses, and students can choose courses from any of the upper secondary schools.

Most of Kuopio's upper secondary schools have a special programme or curriculum: Kuopion klassillinen Upper Secondary School has a special sports programme, Kuopion Lyseo Upper Secondary School offers an IB programme, Kallavesi Upper Secondary School has an entepreneurship curriculum, Lumit provides dance and music curriculums and a performing arts programme, while Nilsiä Upper Secondary School has an alpine sports programme.